The World Healthcare Congress Europe will convene decision makers from all sectors of health care to catalyse meaningful partnerships and change.

A vision for the future shape of global public healthcare is now being formulated in Manchester and will inform policy discussions across the world for generations to come. World Healthcare Congress Europe is your opportunity to join the conversation.

World Healthcare Congress Europe will welcome speakers and delegates to a city of firsts in the fields of health and social care. Manchester is the birthplace of the British National Health Service – the largest and oldest single-payer healthcare system in the world. The first IVF baby, Louise Brown was born here. With its rich history of radical thought, Manchester gave birth to the Arts and Health movement over 30 years ago.

World Healthcare Congress Europe will showcase the progress that is already being made in exploring new models of global collaboration providing a platform for the discussion of three themes: personalised healthcare; arts for health and wellbeing; and innovative health and social care ecosystems.

Your questions are being answered here. Our future is your future. Join us in shaping it.

Innovative health and social care ecosystems

Arts for health and wellbeing

Accelerating discovery
into practice – the future of personalised healthcare

Inaugural World Healthcare Congress Europe

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